2012 Parting Shots 2of2: Cloud ITSM, Big Data & Cloud APM

FrontRange, a developer of IT service management (ITSM) solutions, has upgraded its cloud-based Heat Cloud 2012.3, addressing social IT, support, and infrastructure. Designed to support workflow-based service management tasks – i.e. service desk operations and configurable service management operations – provides the most secure and configurable cloud-capable ITSM platform on the market, said Kevin Smith, VP and GM, Cloud Business Unit.

HEAT manages millions of service interactions daily for more than 15,000 organizations, and since its start in 1989 has learned that customers are tired of being told by a vendor that what we offer is right for you, he said. “They’re telling us they want choices, they want flexibility.”

Neither an on-premise or cloud model is going to be right for everybody, so the company introduced its hybrid approach. “We think the market will find equilibrium, 50% of apps on cloud, and 50% on-premise.”

In the ITSM space, and more specifically the use of ITSM tools for IT Service Desk, we continue to see vendors provide commoditized tools, said Jeff Brooks, Research Director, Service Management, Gartner. “Opportunities for differentiation exist, but the vendors have yet to capitalize on those prospects.”

The areas of mobility, social collaboration and analytics and reporting are of growing interest to consumers and they are looking for vendors to lead the way with new and innovative ways to utilize these areas within the tools, discrete functions, he said. “We expect to see greater scrutiny in the selection of tools in 2013 as organizations try to determine how a tool can make their organization better, regardless of the delivery of the platform. We also see greater interest in clients wanting to buy tools that are right sized for their maturity. Clients are looking to avoid overbuying a tool and running into buyer’s remorse as they realize that they will not be able to take full advantage of their purchase and could have gotten the desired results by spending less on a tool that better suits their needs.”


In the unfolding big-data universe, there is life outside the datawarehouse, said Laura Teller, Chief Strategy Officer, Opera Solutions, which focuses on machine learning. “I think the world is going to move beyond thinking the datawarehouse is the be-all and end-all for the enterprise. What’s changed is there is so much data outside the datawarehouse and that should never go in.”

Organizations need to bring firewalls down so they can use all the external data. “They need to know what info to bring in, because you can’t bring in all data.”

Other trends for 2013 include the rise of a consulting industry around data equity, determining the value of data. The continuing shortage of data scientists, particularly machine learning scientists, will lead to a big rise in academic institutes with big-data curriculums, she said.; seeing it already in New York with Cornell; probably more than data scientist, will be chief data scientist.

The world is awash in data that data can be turned into recommended actions that frontline people can use, said Teller. “We’re trying to put the power of the machine into the hands and heads of people making the decisions.”


ExtraHop Networks, a developer of network-based application performance management solutions, has introduced ‘the first’ agentless APM solution to run as a Microsoft Hyper-V virtual appliance and a cloud-based analysis service (Atlas Connect). Taking advantage of the Hyper-V Virtual Switch capability released in September, users can achieve cross-tier operational visibility, correlating metrics across the application, network, web, database, and storage tiers, said the company. With one-click access to ExtraHop’s IT operations experts, Atlas Connect users can get application, network, and infrastructure analysis.

The company developed the Hyper-V solution primarily because the Microsoft hypervisor is “growing incredibly rapidly” in its customer base. As for the remote support capability, that’s to address the critical shortage of skilled IT workers.

Author: Steve Wexler

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