JFrog Lanches Beta Social Platform For Software Developers

Apparently championing the cause that software developers are people too, JFrog has unveiled Bintray, what it calls the industry’s first social platform for storage and distribution of software libraries, enabling developers to publish, download and share software across one unified community globally. The company says Bintray is a free, cloud-based platform that enables developers to control and streamline the process of making software libraries publicly available, with all the services needed to collaborate, advertise and deploy a new software solution.

“Created by developers, for developers to ease the pain of the software distribution process, Bintray is the holy grail that has been missing from the software lifecycle,” said Yoav Landman, Chief Technology Officer. “For the first time, we have an open, interactive platform that strengthens the relationship between the software publisher and the consumer community and amplifies the developer identity.”

The intention is to continue to make life easier for developers, he said. “Bintray is about serving your binaries to the world. It’s all about taking control.”

A provider of open source, commercial and cloud-based (SaaS) repository management, JFrog was set up in 2008, with offices in Israel and California. It released two versions of the open-source Artifactory repository manager a year later, and currently has 1,000,000 developers, 15,000 installed servers and averages 6,000 downloads a month, said Landman, and customers include Cisco, Intel, EMC, IBM, Apple and CA.

JFrog and its repository management software benefit from their unique position at the crossroads of software developers and IT operations, or dev/ops, where the two come together primarily for speed and efficiency, said 451 research analyst Jay Lyman in a report last year. ‘JFrog’s early all-in bet on the Jenkins continuous integration server, a fork of the Oracle-owned Hudson, appears to be paying off as the market continues to favor Jenkins.’

Artifactory manages binary repositories as software moves through development to testing and quality-assurance and eventually to deployment. The software sits as a proxy between other development tools used in managing software repositories and continous integration, such as Apache Ant and Maven build automation, Ivy dependency manager and Gradle project automation. It caches software artifacts so repeated downloading is not necessary, and also blocks unwanted or external requests for internal repository artifacts, controlling how, where and by whom artifacts are deployed. This helps to manage artifacts and third-party dependencies used by developes and IT operations, which can also share repositories among different departments or teams using Artifactory.

Key benefits of the Bintray beta include: support for major repository formats (Yum, Debian and Apache Maven); access to peer experiences and tips, consumer feedback, statistics and rankings; easy to use user interface; and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that is highly available and optimized to deliver high-performance downloads.

“We want to create an open platfrom which will allow developers and anybody consuming software to distribute and consume software much more widely,” said Landman. “We want to be the best way to know what to consume, and for developers, the best way to deliver software.”

Lyman said the growth of devops practices and processes among both newer, Web 2.0 type users and more mainstream enterprises could provide more than enough fuel for JFrog’s growth, but that the company remains somewhat obscure and is lesser known than other vendors in the small but growing devops space. Other vendors, particularly those dealing with software development and deployment in the cloud, are increasingly offering similar repository managemenet features and capabilities.


Author: Steve Wexler

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