New Fluke Networks Tool: Faster MTTK Leads To Faster MTTR

Fluke Networks’ Visual TruView, a unified single-box network and application performance monitoring and troubleshooting tool, is intended to speed up mean time to know (MTTK) a problem exists and deliver faster mean time to resolution (MTTR), said Daryle DeBalski, VP and GM. “Not only is there a pretty substantial reduction in mean time to repair, but the tool breaks it down to which teams – i.e. networking, storage, application — need to jump into action to solve the problem.”

He said there are three issues making faster problem resolution essential: networks are more complex; the criticality of networks is higher than ever been before; and teams are smaller and smaller and more and more stressed. Most network professionals (70%) say that non-collaborative troubleshooting slows down solving network problems, and 55% say they don’t even have the necessary solutions to quickly and accurately identify problems. “What we’re trying to do with TruView is bring together all these different pieces… into a single offering that helps people solve problems.”

The average cost of data center downtime per minute is $5,600, according to research, and the average reported downtime is 90 minutes, which works out to $505,000 per incident, he said. Visual TruView will help supercharge IT collaboration, dramatically reduce “war room” debates, and streamline the overall network and application management process, he said.

Fluke has been working on the solution for the last 18 months, incorporating home-grown and acquired technologies, said DeBalski, and conslidating what would previously have required five separate products into one box. In addition to developing a unified solution, he said they made it faster, and easier to use.

The three design criteria included simplicity: the tool had to be simple to use and be able to deploy quickly, typically within 15 minutes, he said. It also had to be intelligent, as well as complete, a monitoring and troubleshooting solution that could handle network and application, packets, trasactions and flow.

Visual TruView is also multi-tenant capable for one of Fluke’s mainstream customer segments, carriers and managed service providers (MSPs). However, it was also built with the enterprise in mind, which is a relatively new market for the company, said DeBalski.

“We built the product with the enterprise in mind and especially tuned it for enterprise. We have a half-dozen customers already on board.”

In the works for Fluke is expanding on the capabilities they already provide to help customers adopt private clouds and virtualization. “As they migrate to public cloud and IaaS platforms, we need to add more capability to troubleshoot the cloud.”

The entry-level TruView 2200, reportedly starts at $25,000 for 1Gbps throughput, 2Tb storage and 1U rack format and can range up that stream to $100,000 for the top-end 6200 with 10Gbps throughput, 24-48Tb storage and 2-4U format. The company said Visual TruView has 2.5 times more analytical processing power than any competing solution, plus it includes a single, correlated dashboard that makes it easy for engineers to drill down to individual or group of flows, packets or transactions of any user, site or period of time in just a few clicks.


Author: Steve Wexler

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