Pulse 2013 Part4of4: IBM’s SmartCloud Offerings Up Close

Much of the IBM Pulse 2013 conference analyst track was focused on cloud standards and hybrid clouds—a great story and an exciting glimpse into the present and future of cloud computing and IBM’s role. But also important to me were IBM efforts to more closely align its Tivoli products with the company’s standards-based cloud offerings. What I learned at Pulse is that IBM is taking many of the Tivoli management and monitoring products and re-packaging them under its SmartCloud brand. And, as IBM is doing this, the company is adding new features and functions, as well as much better visualization through improved dashboards to make these products easier to use and even more competitive. Furthermore, a focus on predictive analytics will make these tools more valuable to customers who are under constant pressure to improve service levels.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.

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