IT As A Service: Not Just For A Cloud

I was going to write about how building a cloud is similar to moving, but the more I think about it, the more I think people are confusing an automated virtual environment with a cloud: IT as a Service is not just about cloud. Having automation does not imply your virtual environment is a cloud or visa versa. Granted, using IT as a Service is important for a cloud if you look at the NIST definition of a cloud, but it is not necessary for a cloud. Perhaps IT as a Service is just a stepping stone towards a cloud, perhaps it should start as a data center play? As company’s and vendors cloud wash all aspects of IT, as IT decision makers we need to step back and look at our data center and decide how we want to get to the cloud (if we want to get there at all).The more I think and talk about Cloud or IT as a Service, the more I think there is something missing. It seems that many have gone to calling their virtual environments clouds and some have added an IT as a Service portal and then called the environment a cloud. I think there is a step in the middle we are missing, one that would allow us to bridge the gap from a traditional datacenter to a cloud based environment. That bridge could be IT as a Service, but it is not the only factor.

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