VSS Monitoring Addresses Network Security, Traffic Growth

It would appear the stars have aligned for VSS Monitoring, a developer of network packet brokers (NPBs) for optimizing and scaling networks and performance and security tools. The company has announced a set of new products intended to address network security and traffic issues that have been highlighted this year by cyber attacks in South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Russia. It’s not if – but when – sophisticated multi-threat advanced cyber-attacks will happen, said the company, which currently serves more 1,700 customers, including governments, financial institutions, large corporate clients, and service providers.

The additions and enhancements to its NPB platforms allow customers to handle big data and enable greater visibility and operational performance from network monitoring and security tools, said Gordon Beith, Director of Product Management. Customers gain more visibility, agility and resiliency in operating their performance and security tools, resulting in better tool ROI and increased staff productivity in managing them. “We’re about virtualizing how the tolls get access to the traffic… we try to make it much simpler, plug and play.”

The vBroker 410 is a 1RU appliance with up to 32 ports and a throughput of 320G, while the 420 is a 2RU appliance with up to 64 ports and a throughput of 640G. The new vBroker 100 products also provide an all-modular form factor for 1G and 10G network speeds, and include capabilities to meet the special needs of video monitoring applications.

“The nature of video makes it more of a challenge to switch around in the network, and in particular to monitor it,” said Beith. “The networks are going to struggle to manage all that… and not add latency.”

The vBroker family extends the capacity, centralized link-layer visibility, and scalability of networks through advanced traffic filtering, packet optimization and offloading of unnecessary processing to increase tool capacity and efficiency. They integrate and scale using the company’s vMesh technology, forming a system-based fabric-building architecture, while VSS Management Center (vMC) provides single pane-of-glass management.

A part of the vBroker system, vProtector, a single integrated NPB system with on-board customizable PowerSafe function, enables selectable Fail Open and Fail Closed functionality for 10G and 1G copper and fiber networks, on a per chassis module basis. The vInspector offerings, which decrypt encrypted SSL traffic, include three platforms with decryption throughput from 1Gbps to 4Gbps.

Pricing for the vBroker 400 starts at $55,600, while pricing for the vBroker 100 starts at $18,250. Pricing for vInspector starts at $4750, while pricing for vProtector starts at $24,250.

Next quarter VSS will be announcing its 100Gb product, said Beith. “We’re seeing not as much demand as hype for 40Gb. The larger service providers are starting to request 100Gb.” Some enterprises are also looking at 100Gb, but one of the challenges is that transceivers are quite expensive, about 10X, he said. “Because of that, a lot of enterprises are playing a wait and see game.

The company is also pushing further into the virtualization space to address things like SDN and Network Function Virtualization (NFV).


Author: Steve Wexler

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