Intel Announces Plans To Re-Architect The Data Center

Intel‘s plan to re-architect future data centers depends on two complementary dynamics. The first incorporates the so-called Virtuous Cycle that suggests that growing numbers of increasingly powerful mobile endpoints (smart phones, tablets, notebooks, etc.) will consume ever-larger volumes of services and data which, in turn, will require ever-more capacious and powerful data center solutions for support, enabling new opportunities for delivering new, innovative services. And so on.

The second is the continuing value of Intel‘s commodity computing strategy. The essence there is that the ongoing evolution promised by Moore‘s Law (and related efforts) will result in increasingly innovative solutions that eventually supplant costly proprietary technologies. That dynamic has played out over the past two decades in data centers of every sort, with the result that solutiuons based on Intel Xeon now lead markets, including general purpose servers, storage controllers, high performance computing and cloud computing infrastructures.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.

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