The Macro-Strategy Of Microsoft Includes Storage

The Storage Spaces element within Windows Server (all versions BTW, not just the latest Windows Storage Server 2012) is essentially a software-storage-suite. It is built on a striped, mirrored, or parity RAID-like architecture (Microsoft has its own streamlined approach that precludes some of the shortcomings of traditional RAID, such as the write hole, while also improving other elements). And it is rapidly adding storage functionality so that users can enjoy that cool, really useful, and often-expensive enterprise-SAN experience without opening their checkbooks half as wide as they are used to. Is it perfect yet? Not in terms of every feature, but our ESG Lab team has tested it and the basics work really well. Is the deployment and go-to-market model fully ironed out? Also no, because this approach isn’t going to find many immediate BFFs amongst the incumbent storage providers! But the value proposition is excellent – our testing has shown it to be, at least, competitive in terms of key characterisitcs like performance and reliability with traditional solutions – and users will likely be attracted to another flexible Microsoft tool that minimizes training needs and offers administrative ease and familiarity.

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