Part 2 Of 2: The Magic Beneath VCE’s Vblock Systems

Converged Infrastructure is one of the top technology industry initiatives currently in circulation and the reason it appears so popular is that the vendors that offer it promise you can get more with less: more performance for less man hours; more efficiency with less capital investment.

In a converged infrastructure solution you are, in theory, better able to use the full potential of the system’s software, storage, servers, and networking capabilities. Unfortunately, what most vendors think about are the individual software, storage, server and networking components and that’s really not true. A true converged solution is about how well the parts work together, not how good each individual part is.

VCE is unique because as an entity it focuses almost entirely on the ― converged part and leaves the components to its partners — Cisco, EMC and VMware—to build. This is why VCE’s customer base is both incredibly loyal and massively expanding their use of the company’s solutions, and why VCE is adding new customers at a rapid rate.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.

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