Silver Peak Enhancements Accelerate, Simplify Replication

Best known for physical and virtual WAN optimization solutions, Silver Peak is simplifying the deployment of its replication acceleration software with a wizard that enables storage managers to begin accelerating remote replication and backups from any storage product with just six mouse clicks.

With the configuration wizard you can be up and running in five minutes, and three of the six clicks are just informational screens, like welcome to the wizard, said Everett Dolgner, Director of Replication Product Management for Silver Peak. Available for free 30-day, fully-supported (i.e. 24×7 technical support) trials on the company’s software marketplace, it takes just 15 minutes to download and be up and running, he added.

The new release of Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA), 6.2, which adds the deployment wizard and storage-specific reporting to its Velocity Replication Acceleration (VRX) software products, helps storage managers meet recovery point objectives (RPOs) when moving data for disaster recovery. The graphical storage-specific data view quantifies the benefit of using the software, showing how much data is replicated, how fast data is replicated and information to validate an RPO is being met.

There’s been a lot of interest since Silver Peak first introduced its do-it-yourself software for accelerating offsite replication – up to 20x faster – in March, said Dolgner. “We had one replication customer that went from 10 days to 5 hours. They expected to check it out in a day or two, went to lunch and came back with it 20% done…very quick results.”

Another customer said they were taking 27 hours to complete their daily backups and full replication was taking 95% of the week to complete. Steve Borba, IT administrator at Citizens Business Bank said the VRX software enables them to replicate up to 2 terabytes (TB) of data per day, and improved its usable bandwidth by more than 22x.

Anything that can help storage managers better cope with the increasing demands should be gratefully appreciated. Internet-generated broadband traffic will increase approximately 50% year over year on fixed networks and 100% on mobile networks (IDC), while Cisco predicts cloud-based network traffic will grow 600% by 2016.

According to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup/Recovery Software, released in June, the enterprise distributed system backup/recovery software market is projected to grow to $6.8 billion by 2017, up from last year’s $4.4 billion. It said expanded choices for data protection, including replication, started showing up in 2011. The current market leaders are Symantec (31.6%), EMC (17.3%) and IBM (17.2%).

In an interview with Silver Peak CEO David Hughes at the end of August, he said the company had just wrapped up a record fourth quarter and fiscal year 2013 fueled by increased demand for its virtualized software products. “We were really surprised by how quickly the market moved from buying hardware to buying software. This next phase, we’re really just at the beginning of now… how can leverage our technology in the virtualized data center.”


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Author: Steve Wexler

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