Kaseya: Whole New Ball Game For IT System Management Vendor

It’s been a hectic few months for IT service management software vendor Kaseya and its 10,000-plus customers. New ownership, new management, new head office, new acquisitions and now a new network monitoring solution. The SaaS-based Traverse delivers a combination of network performance monitoring, business service management (BSM) and predictive analytics for cloud, on-premise, hybrid, virtualized and distributed environments.

All of these moves are intended to help take Kaseya to the next level of monitoring, said one of those recent moves, CMO Loren Jarrett. “The IT management space is getting more interesting every day… this is where Traverse and Kaseya come in.” It’s about bridging the personal and corporate management chasm, she said.

The company does broad solutions around IT management, added Jeff Keyes, Senior Product Marketing Manager. “The goal is a complete system management solution.”

Kaseya had good-enough monitoring, but with the Zyrion acquisition, it has added cloud and network performance monitoring, he said. There are a lot of alternatives out there, but they only address parts of the problem. “Most monitoring solutions, unless they are doing that (running across the distributed cloud and IT infrastructure), are losing value.”

Keyes said that they’re finding the guys that are doing system management aren’t really talking to the network management side, and Kaseya thinks they should.

Recent developments at Kaseya include, in chronological order:

-June 24- Insight Venture Partners makes a significant investment and Yogesh Gupta is named President and CEO; Kaseya founders Gerald Blackie, Mark Sutherland and Paul Wong expected to work with him to ensurea smooth transition prior to pursuing other opportunities;

-July 9 acquires Zyrion, Inc., a provider of ITIL-based BSM technology cloud and IT service monitoring software solutions, for an undisclosed amount;

-July 16 completes purchase of Rover Apps, LLC, a provider of cloud-based security for mobile BYOD users for an undisclosed amount; according to a prepared statement from Dennis Drogseth, VP, Enterprise Management Associates, the Rover Apps combined with the Zyrion acquisition the week before reflect a significant expansion of Kaseya’s footprint towards a far more multi-dimensional provider of service and mobile management solutions with an eye to cloud/hybrid and consumer-driven IT;

-August 8 appoints Prakash Khot, formerly SVP of Engineering at Salesforce and founding CTO of Dimdim and AIM, Inc., as Chief Technology Officer (CTO);

-August 14 appoints Loren Weinberg Jarrett, formerly VP at American Express with previous stints at Oracle, FatWire Software and CA Technologies, as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO);

-Brian Murphy takes over as Chief Sales Officer, after serving as VP, Software and Services Verticals at NetSuite, and similar positions at companies such as BeyondTrust, Deltek and Nexaweb;

-September 10 appoints Mark Combs as Chief Operating Officer (COO)after 35 years at CA Technologies;

-Don LeClair, a 30-plus-year CA vet, is named Executive Vice President (EVP) of Product Management.

In addition, somewhere along this timeline the company also moved headquarters from Switzerland to Belgium (US HQ is still Boston).

Expected to reach $2.7 billion this year, the network management services market is being driven by a growing need to reduce enterprise network management costs, as well as an increasing need for better management of network traffic, stated TechNavio. ‘The network management services market is moving away from box integration to a more holistic process management approach. This can be attributed to the fact that organizations today see information technology as a service and not as a support function.’

Gartner said there are more than 80 vendors providing IT service desk tools, including the big four, BMC, IBM, CA and HP, and the adoption of cloud-based ITSM solutions will peak in 2014. By 2015, 30% of those companies that swung to cloud implementations will go back to on-premise ITSM deployments.

The market wants unified solutions to monitor, analyze and optimize IT performance across hybrid private cloud, public cloud and non-cloud IT resources, according to a prepared statement from IDC’s Mary Johnston Turner, Research Vice President Enterprise Systems Management. “The introduction of Traverse broadens Kaseya’s portfolio and arms it with a new set of solutions that are targeted directly at these emerging requirements.”

An IDC report about the Kaseya transformation, published at the end of July, stated the company will need to clearly articulate the value proposition of its newly acquired solutions and how they stand to complement its existing network monitoring and mobile device management capabilities. In addition, it will also need to affirm how these products will integrate into its current platform in order to align with its goal of providing a single pane of glass across all of its solutions. Looks like management was listening.

Under The Hood

Kaseya said Traverse Service Level Agreement dashboards provide real-time updates on the SLAs of business services as well as IT components, and graphical NetFlow reports offer insights into traffic patterns related to specific applications and services. It comes with device fingerprints which synthesize and provide information about the infrastructure automatically, but it also learns and remembers normal patterns of behavior based on time of day, day of the week and month, and time of year, and automatically sets varying thresholds based on these patterns. System behavior is seen in context of these patterns, so that only true anomalies raise an alert. Traverse is also unique in that it provides built-in network configuration management that can backup and restore the configuration of all managed network devices (firewalls, switches, routers, etc.) and alert when changes to configurations are detected.


Author: Steve Wexler

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