Sepaton VirtuoSO (SDPS*) Performance Nails Big Data Backup

The data protection market is poised for disruption, according to Sepaton, and the backup and recovery vendor would rather be a disruptor than a disruptee with its latest offering. Based on its new OptiScale architecture, VirtuoSO is a data protection solution that ‘delivers industry-leading performance, with groundbreaking advancements in deduplication, grid scalability, comprehensive multi-protocol support, and smart data movement.’

Data centers are being challenged by an explosion in data volumes, data types, and devices, said Laura Dubois, VP, Storage Research, IDC, in a prepared statement. “As a result, the disk-based data protection and recovery market is experiencing very strong growth and is anticipated to top nearly $17B in 2017. Data center IT staff are recognizing that continuing to add more and more independently addressable NAS data protection systems and resources is inefficient, cost prohibitive and complex.”

Sepaton is responding with the new product family with an extensible architecture that it expects will address customers’ current and future data protection requirements. “We believe that scale and innovation and efficiency are going to be key in order to handle that massive amount of data growth and new data types,” said Sepaton’s Amy Lipton, SVP of Marketing.

The company said VirtuoSO — currently in limited release with GA in Q1 2014, and starting at $344,500 — provides the industry’s highest-performing scale-out NAS-based data protection solution with five times the capacity of competitive solutions at initial release with up to 22 times the capacity planned for future releases. Major components include:

-Extensible Scale-out Architecture for data protection and optimized for large sequential I/O workloads;

-Grid scalability provides seamless addition of performance and capacity with automatic, continuous rebalancing of workloads, starting at 7.9TB/hour with a single node and scaling up to 16 nodes for total throughput up to 126 TB/hour in a single system;

-“Smart” hybrid deduplication automatically maximizes data reduction and performance globally, using inline and post-processing modes, depending on data type and change rate, and also enables policy-driven setting of the deduplication mode, including an option to bypass deduplication for data types such as encrypted or compressed data;

-Smart data movers enable multi-source and multi-target replication, and data migration for accelerated ingest and network efficiency (VirtuoSO Intelligent Data Mover software is the basis for replication, source dedupe, data migration, and data tiering); and,

-New system management and reporting capabilities included in a new graphical user interface enable management with dashboards from anywhere on any device.

Sepaton has leveraged its many years of experience in the backup field to produce a new generation of scale-out NAS data protection with its VirtuoSO, according to Storage Strategies NOW. “With the addition of the content-aware Smart Hybrid Deduplication capabilities, VirtuoSO provides a unique intelligent global deduplication capability that can operate either in-line with hash tags or after-the-fact, depending on what is the most efficient method. It also enables policy-driven setting of the deduplication mode including an option to bypass deduplication to maximize data reduction and performance globally. The OptiScale extensible architecture allows the addition of future functionality without disruption and ensures investment protection. This creates a system with an extremely low total cost of operation when compared with competitive solutions.”

The company has also filled in its VirtuoSO roadmap, with new releases due out every six months, said Peter Quirk, Director of Product Management. The beta systems will be rolled out next month with one node, but by GA in Q1, the solution will be up to four nodes.

VirtuoSO Roadmap

Q4 13 – beta:

-Core NAS protocols

11-4 nodes

-Hybrid dedupe (global)

-Data Movers/Smart Replication (beta 2)

-RMAN, NBU, TSM tested

-1PB capacity

Q1 14 – GA:


-1-4 nodes

-Hybrid dedupe (global)

-DM/Smart Replication

-Demo Source Dedup

-Enterprise backup apps qualified

-VM backup apps qualified

-2PB+ capacity

-SSD accelerator for index


-Extended Protocols


-VTL/Remote VFS

-Source dedupe

-Edge Support

-1-8 nodes

-Additional BU/Archive Apps

-Flash Accelerator option

-Storage Analytics


-Replication to Cloud

-External Snaps

-8PB capacity



-1-16 nodes

-Full archive support

-Automated Storage tiering

-16 PBs capacity

-Tape Support


* SDPS also known as Super Duper Pooper Scooper (with apologies to Piers Anthony, and Macroscope).



Author: Steve Wexler

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