XtremIO: How Consistency, Predictability Enhance Innovation

What EMC has done with its XtremIO solutions is to incorporate new technologies like XDP that address the troublesome characteristics of flash, and others, including Content Based Data Placement and the Dual Stage Metadata Engine that are designed to maximize both flash and array performance. But just as important is EMC’s integration of XtremIO within its own and VMware’s broader ecosystems, along with the development of VCE and Global Services solutions designed to help customers make the most of these new offerings.

The fact is that as exciting and “magical” as new technologies might appear, they seldom (if ever) come with adequate guidance or operating instructions for users. Some competitors have castigated EMC for taking longer to deliver XtremIO than the company originally estimated. But if the result is a solution more carefully developed and mindfully positioned to consistently and predictably address practical business needs, we believe customers will consider the time well and valuably spent.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.

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