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Heading into Austin, TX for the conference, the questions on most attendees’ minds revolved around change—how the company would look, feel and fare now that Michael has succeeded in his efforts to take the company private and vanquishing Carl Icahn (who the new Time Magazine ludicrously labels the most important investor in America) along the way.

Dell didn’t disappoint—the overall tone of the conference was overt optimism, bordering on full-blown giddiness, including levels of energy typically unseen at IT events and virtually all but unknown in mature companies. That was certainly the case in founder Michael Dell’s keynote (which included a drive-by appearance/Q&A with Tesla CEO Elon Musk), in the comments of company representatives, and in the meetings we had with various Dell executives (including a briefing with company CFO Bryan Gladden and Dell Ventures VP James Lussier.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Review.

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