x86 Servers Can Now Play With The Big Boys Part 2 of 2

But I see ’s announcement as only part of a bigger story. A few months ago IBM announced that it plans to invest another billion dollars in development on . X6 will certainly have a big impact on helping move upscale in the enterprise. But don’t forget that IBM also recently announced that IFLs (Integrated Facility for ) are now available on its Power Systems to help drive applications on POWER architecture. And remember that IBM has long enjoyed great success with on (with 36% of mainframe users deploying Linux on IFLs on at present).

The way I see it, IBM’s X6 announcement opens the door for a new discussion when it comes to Linux server deployment at the enterprise level. My belief is that this announcement is a part of an even bigger play by IBM to become the dominant high-end Linux commercial server choice in the industry. At present, IT buyers have shown clear preference for Linux on x86 – x86 is the platform for most Linux commercial server implementations.

But now that x86 servers have grown up (via IBM X6) and can play with the big boys (POWER and mainframes), IT buyers are going to look at x86 solutions for high-end applications.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Review.

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