Dell/Google: Affordable Group Video Conferencing Gets Closer

Recently, announced it was strengthening its relationship with and bringing forward a Chrome-based “Chromebox” video conferencing solution for business. A couple of things make this interesting; 1) it is and Dell working together to make this work, 2) it will likely be the lowest cost (both to buy and use) system yet on the market, and 3) it could actually have a larger impact on how meetings are organized and conducted than earlier offerings.

I’m personally really tired of getting on planes to go to meetings. If this conferencing solution gets my butt off of even one or two flights a year, I’m all for it. But I’ve followed video conferencing since it was first showcased back in 1965 and it has always fallen a bit (or far) short of expectations.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Review.

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