IBM Pulse 2014 (Part 3 of 3): IBM’s “Bold Moves”

In the end, for me, the primary theme of Pulse 2014 was this: IBM has embarked on a new journey to the public/. This new paradigm shift necessitates changes in the way IBM engages with potential customers at every level.

require solutions that will enable them to develop applications more quickly and easily. Codename: is IBM’s answer to this. Business users will demand new and easier ways to engage with IBM to incorporate social media, mobile applications and on-line communities, and is a great example of what the company can do to address this requirement. requires management solutions that are automated and proactive, and IBM has a wealth of management products across the portfolio to improve and incorporate operational analytics for faster problem identification and resolution. As a result, I believe that IBM is in a great position to leverage their past experience to push in this new direction that will enable them to achieve their future goals.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Review.

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