Dell Enterprise Looks To Prove Sum Is Greater Than The Parts

Frankfurt Germany: Dell Enterprise Forum EMEA 2014 is the location for the next step in the company’s enterprise aspirations, bringing together elements of its , , , and service assets to boost its presence in this segment. The company said the new and enhanced server, storage and IT management solutions help bridge data center silos and dramatically speed application response times and performance. The announcements at this week’s event include:

Dell Fluid Cache for SAN brings data closer to the server while improving application performance (5 million random read input/output per second) and response times (99%) and cost per user (up to 71%);

PowerEdge VRTX enhancements such as an optional redundant PowerEdge Raid Controller (PERC) for failover inside the chassis, and additional server node choices, including the 4-socket, PowerEdge M820;

SAP HANA extensions and services, including certifying the Dell PowerEdge R920 server, delivering p to a 71% improved performance over the previous best Fujitsu E7-4800 4-socket SAP SD benchmark; and,

Dell Compellent Storage Center 6.5 array software extends the performance and tiering advancements of previous releases while offering new features.

Customers are looking for the means to deliver faster response time and support more users, said Brian Payne, Executive Director, Dell Server Solutions. “We’re bringing a new level of performance with these enterprise-class capabilities,” he told IT Trends & Analysis. “We’re effectively creating an enterprise-class solution that works with enterprise-class storage on the back end and its simple.”

Announced at the end of last year and due to launch this quarter, is targeted at any large corporation with a lot of users that has a need to increase productivity, or to scale and meet high peaks of demand, he said. While Oracle was identified as a workload that would benefit significantly from this offering, Payne said it was picked for its popularity and other capabilities Dell brings to bear, but other workloads like Red Hat and Linux are also being qualified.

There are also opportunities to support virtualized environments, he added. For instance, running SQL on top of Fluid Cache for SAN will deliver an 86% improvement in time, at 56% lower costs, and for 2.5 times more users. “I absolutely see this as a very important point of differentiation for Dell in the enterprise”.

For Bob Fine, Director of Product Marketing, Dell Storage, the key announcements centered around the growing momentum of PowerEdge VRTX, an all-in-one solution announced last June that combines servers, storage, networking and management into a single chassis. Customers want a unified solution and we’re demonstrating to the market that we have done it.

Expected to be worth $17.8 billion by 2016, the converged infrastructure market is dominated by Cisco, HP and IBM. Resource-strapped organizations are looking for infrastructure management platforms that will unchain them from spending countless hours on mundane, administrative tasks to focus more on innovation, said IDC’s Matt Eastwood, Group VP and GM. “The market is primed and ready for an infrastructure management platform that is more intuitive and built for the needs of IT today—not the days gone by.”

Fine said thousands of customers have already deployed VRTX, and that Dell’s ability to bring the various parts together make this possible, by being the one company moving in one direction able to drive all this. “The integration here is what sets us apart.”


Author: Steve Wexler

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