IBM: Leveraging the Power of Open Communities (Part 1 of 3)

Those who have studied for some time will see familiar elements in the company’s and community-based efforts around . For example, in 2005 the company announced “Chiphopper” a software platform for simplifying the porting of x86-based Linux applications to the platform. The following year, IBM launched .org, an industry group that aimed to expand the success of the architecture in embedded systems markets.

At a recent IBM analyst event, a company executive noted that the difference between then and now is that “We are hungrier today.” The reasons for that are both practical and strategic. Though IBM leads the market for scale-up Unix systems by a long shot, that sector is facing serious challenges from a wide range of competitive and market factors. IBM’s Power Systems are certainly in a healthier position than Oracle’s SPARC-based servers or HP’s Itanium-based Integrity solutions.

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