Challenges of Enabling Low-cost… Cloud Storage Services

A key IT imperative is to reduce the total cost of internal computing (CAPEX and OPEX) and improve service times to the lines of business in order to be competitive with best of breed public cloud options. Enterprises are actively implementing private clouds to achieve this objective and avoid the knee-jerk reaction of CEOs and lines of business to outsource everything. Similarly, smaller cloud providers are also seeking to reduce their total cost of infrastructure (CAPEX and OPEX). Both enterprise private clouds and cloud service providers must ensure that the speed to spin-up or tear-down logical infrastructure deployments to support specific business objectives is reduced from weeks to minutes, and that there is sufficient automation to enable customers or lines of business to easily and unambiguously select infrastructure for deployment.

Wikibon regularly discusses infrastructure concerns with enterprise organizations and cloud service providers. For this project, we focused on what was required to provide low-cost services, either as a private cloud for enterprises or as a service or part of a service for cloud service providers.

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