Part 4of5 IBM Elastic Storage: “Data Democracy” in Action

In an effort to improve the economics of storage, unveiled its latest software defined storage (SDS) offering – code named “” – at the company’s Fast Data Forum in Boston on May 12. has been designed to address the accelerating growth of “” (particularly data, which, according to , represents 80% of data generated today) as well as “new era” workloads that encompass cloud, mobile, social and technologies. Using Elastic Storage, enterprises can improve the economics of storage by: (1) increasing speed and scope of data access; (2) enhancing scalability; (3) optimizing data placement; (4) virtualizing storage pools for better utilization; and, (5) providing continuous operation and high availability.

By taking advantage of flash technologies, as well as storage tiering and other software-based capabilities, IBM says that Elastic Storage provides up to a 6x performance improvement and a reduction in storage costs of up to 90%. Drawing on technology from (IBM’s analytics platform), Elastic Storage can scan 10 billion files on a single cluster in only 43 minutes. IBM boasts 3000 Elastic Storage customers and 100K delivered systems to date (this is because Elastic Storage is based on existing IBM products—more on this later).

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Perspectives.

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