Easing the Way to Enterprise Private Cloud

While the technological underpinnings of have been available for years, the evolution of standardized IT solutions has helped cloud to benefit far more organizations and individuals than ever before. But at the same time, concerns about cloud and management methodologies and the inherent complexity of deployment are inhibiting the uptake of cloud by many of the organizations that would benefit from it the most.

We believe those issues could be addressed and adoption accelerated by the development of what amounts to an “easy button” for creating and deploying on-premises cloud infrastructures. The tools and technologies for instituting such solutions certainly exist, and are bolstered by cloud services like those offered by , GigaSpaces, Cloudify, and . Plus, the continuing evolution of core foundational microprocessors and related technologies is central to the current and future success of enterprise clouds.

That’s where efforts of and its OEM/ODM clients come in. In essence, the company is developing the tools and technologies that server manufacturers and systems vendors need to create innovative standardized cloud solutions. But is also extending its efforts beyond those constituencies to create cloud-related best practices and guidelines that benefit cloud-minded enterprise customers and developers and open source communities.

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