Mark Templeton and Citrix: The End of an Era…

For those who listened to the Synergy keynote on May 6, it was impossible not to hear the crackling in ’s voice at various times throughout the program. Mark normally is all smiles and excitement at Synergy with ample strength in his voice, but knowing that this will be his last Synergy event clearly had an impact.

Mark Templeton has taken Citrix from a “Who’s that?” company to a leader. Citrix was doing before was cool. ’s career at Citrix spans nineteen years, of which he’s been president for sixteen. He took over the helm from well-loved Citrix co-founder Ed Iacobucci.

For all but a few (as internal Citrix employees refer to themselves), MarkT has been the only leader they’ve known. He’s led the company through good times and bad, and he pioneered the concept of being more than just the company that created WinFrame/MetaFrame. And he appeared to have tons of fun doing it.

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