Converged Applications: It’s About Speed to Deliver Change

Application convergence is a “top-down” view of convergence, lead by application development (both ISV and enterprise development). The objective is to radically reduce application maintenance costs and radically improve time-to-value from application updates and new functionality. Wikibon has introduced, defined, and characterized the concept of “” model which will eventually allow ISVs and enterprise application developers to deliver change in 2-3 months, compared with the typical 30 month development cycle for major applications today. To illustrate the value, Wikibon has created a financial model for installed in an enterprise with 40,000 employees, 2,300 of whom were users of the application. By implementing a “Converged Applications” model, the speed to change can be reduced from 30 months to 12 months over a 5 year period. Wikibon estimates that the net benefits of such a project would be about $60 million, with a break-even of 5 months. One third of the benefit would come from reduced IT budgets, and two thirds would come from improved productivity from the users because of earlier time to improved functionality.

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