The Internet of Things That Matter

At the analysts meeting in Colorado, the company discussed some important changes in the organization and an interesting initiative they’re calling “”. It’s a unique approach to what’s essentially a problem (and opportunity). This approach draws on the expertise of a 100 year-old manufacturer of large, complex systems and heavy equipment.

Social Innovation

is using this term to describe their efforts to essentially make complex products smarter, like cars, trains, big machines, etc. These are businesses in which 104-year old Hitachi Ltd has been a leader in for many years. Their use of the word “social” doesn’t imply interactions between people, as in “social media”, but instead, stems from the word “society”. Apparently, the term was coined by Hitachi Ltd’s CEO many years ago to describe the impact that advancements in these industries would have on the public.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Weekly Newsletter.

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