News: Nutanix Climbs into Bed with Dell

On June 24, 2014, released a statement that has entered into an agreement to Nutanix’s product and sell it globally. This is a big deal for Nutanix, as it has expanded its reach exponentially and now potentially could be front and center on deals.

I can understand Nutanix’s marketing team’s going into overdrive on this; however, it is telling that Dell lacks a corresponding statement on the deal. A look at Dell’s newsroom reveals statements about the purchases of Silver Lake and StatSoft, but no mention of the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) deal. Delving further, the last link in the “Dell in the News” section is dated June 20, 2014, and relates to the launch of the Dell Inspiron 11 machines. What about under “Press Releases”? Again, nothing about the new OEM deal.

There is a reason for this: Dell OEMs many things. Just ask Nexenta; Dell entered into an OEM agreement with it to sell its storage product.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in Newsletter.

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