Can Other Vendors Take On Apple and IBM?

Overall, while many interpreted last week’s and announcement as essentially finishing the race for enterprise , I see it more as the starting gun for what is likely to become a massive, worldwide effort to deliver enterprise level applications and solutions on a growing variety of mobile platforms. and IBM plan to and likely will be key players in those markets, and the pair should be congratulated for finding ways to leverage common strengths while overcoming individual weaknesses.

But at the same time, the global market for mobile business computing is too wide and deep for any single vendor or pair of partners to dominate. Apple and IBM are certainly leaders in their respective industries but they have numerous worthy, ambitious competitors who individually and in combination will give Apple and IBM a serious run for their money. Best of all, businesses and their employees stand to win no matter who enters the race or strives to lead the pack.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the .

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