New Non-Volatile Memory Technology Lowers Cost Of Production

is developing a new that leverages technology and some other innovations to simplify the design process and provide better performance and endurance.

Diode Transistor Memory

Contour’s technology uses diodes instead of transistors as the way to preserve the digital state (the ‘select device’), producing an alternative to traditional in devices. Using diodes, which are a two-conductor device, produces a memory substrate that’s more compact than three-conductor transistors and less expensive to manufacture. According to Contour, their fabrication process involves 15 mask layers instead of 35, which is typical with NAND flash fabrication. Fewer process steps means fewer possible defects and lower tooling and other fabrication costs. The company claims the DTM process can reduce wafer production costs by 65% and improve fab capacity by 3x.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Weekly Newsletter.

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