Application Centric Caching

At , we sat down with the team from , an emerging provider of . Their software is a software-only, hardware agnostic, server-side caching solution. What makes the solution unique is that it does more than just monitor I/O at a block or LUN level, it also provides an solution, something they call “”.

Application Centric Caching is more than just a file based cache that places certain files into a high performance storage area like Flash SSD. The solution will also monitor application I/O requests and make specific adjustments to the cache, to tailor it to the I/O needs of the application. This application awareness is delivered by an application specific module that CacheBox provides. The result is a solution that provides accurate application acceleration without the IT professional having to do an exhaustive inspection of the application environment. In short, the CacheBox solution does this for them automatically.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Weekly Newsletter.

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