Beyond Virtualization… to Orchestration and Automation

On the eve of , it is apposite to review the consolidation achieved with virtualization and examine the significant journey to compatible orchestration of both private and public clouds to create an automated .

The IT imperative is to change IT from just keeping the lights on for existing applications (~80%+ of most current IT budgets) to releasing IT’s potential as a key contributor to decreasing business costs and increasing revenues. Enterprise IT takes more than a year to develop and update new applications and to deploy new technologies. To meet the increasing pace of business, enterprises have to move to developing and changing applications and deploying new technologies in months, not years.

IT technology is changing at a pace never before seen. The mega-trends are mobile, social, Big Data, cloud and the industrial Internet and extend the traditional scope of enterprise IT. For example, Wikibon forecasts that the total worldwide value created by the industrial Internet alone will be $1,279 billion in 2020, with an IT spend of $514 billion.

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