Virtualization Security at VMworld

It is that time of year again, when we see all the new toys, tools, ideas, and processes that make up the show called . This year, quite a few changes in virtualization security will be discussed by VMware and other organizations that work with virtual and cloud environments. One of the key messages will be that everyone needs to stop treating virtualization security as something unique and different. Instead of this type of treatment, we have been seeing the extension of existing tools and techniques into virtual and cloud environments. Virtualization and cloud security is a natural progression of all organizational security.

Some folks who look at things through a security lens still see hypervisors as different, and some put security only within the physical layer, but these views and practices are continuing to erode. Security is security, regardless of location, type of system, or service in use. Security is about your data. To that end, VMworld has quite a few things to offer:

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NOTE: This column was originally published in Newsletter.

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