VMware EVO and Its Market Impact

In a recent Research Brief, Integrated Computing Platform Trends, 33% of the respondents indicated that are already using an and there are no signs of lifting the foot off the accelerator pedal.

At VMworld 2014, announced its EVO hyper-converged infrastructures. EVO comes in two flavors, EVO Rail and EVO Rack. Let’s start with EVO Rail since EVO Rack is still in tech preview, but promises to have an impact on the market.

EVO Rail is simply a VMware recipe that includes these ingredients: vSphere, vSan, vCenter Log Insight, and the EVO UI. VMware hardware partners take the recipe and deliver it to the customer as a single sku easy to consume appliance. It’s currently sized up for 150 VMs or 250 virtual desktops for a VDI deployment. I share a few more thoughts in this recap blog on EVO from VMworld 2014.

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