Data Direct Networks Targets High-Performance… Storage

The business storage market is no longer divided only into convenient categories, such as mid-range and enterprise-class arrays. Many products are now available from a large number of smaller vendors in addition to the larger stalwarts of the industry to better serve the needs of specific customer use cases. One area of broad attention has been storage performance. The kneejerk reaction regarding performance is to think storage alone. storage has proven very welcome for performance-related issues, and its strengths extend beyond simple performance. However, alone is not the answer for all performance requirements, especially when scale-out Web-scale requirements come into play.

Enter Data Direct Networks, which has worlds of experience torqueing storage hardware with clever architectural designs, including the use of sophisticated storage algorithms to extract performance that many might not believe possible but were critically necessary in the HPC world. Now, the IT world has gone through twists and turns over the years that make many business models obsolete and enrich some old and new business models. To-day, the move to data-driven computing as an addition to the traditional application-driven computing is a brand new IT world — with big data, Internet of Things and Web-scale cloud computing.

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