VCE returns to EMC as a full member of the Federation

The joint venture between and to create and sell Vblock , now known as , formerly Acadia, the Coalition and the Company, has been difficult to fully understand. A Vblock takes the pieces from the parent companies, integrates them and wraps them with software and services to deliver a solution that simplifies IT. The money trail between the parent companies, funding salaries of more than 1,400 employees and profit or loss is a bit more complex. While it is often said that the investments are losses, Wikibon Chief Analyst Dave Vellante said years ago that only bleeds green.

VCE is without question in the vanguard of pushing convergence to the marketplace, yet despite all of the buzz that this segment of the market gets, VCE is one of the quietest $1B companies in tech. The ownership of the company and governance model is now simplified as VCE is moved into the EMC Federation, answering any questions about dissolution or exit strategy.

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