Dell World 2014: Includes Video

World took place last week in ’s part of the world: Austin, Texas. As is ’s wont these days we travel with our video equipment….and in just a few lines from now you can click to watch our 7 minute summary of what struck us as most interesting.  Now of course our interest tends to follow the coverage areas of the attending analysts (this time, myself and Scott Sinclair on the beat, and Nik Rouda looking out for all things big data/analytics), so let me just start with an overall impression from the event. To me the biggest takeaway was to see the genuine and renewed sense of confidence pervading , whereas a year or two back it had seemed somewhat “lost”). Going private (this was the 1 year anniversary of that) has clearly had a strong, positive impact….now of course now has no obligation to share any specific details regarding results or sales, so it did at times sound a bit like the “everything is wonderful” mantra that one naturally gets from startups. However the confidence was not just stage-based….there was a palpable comfort and high morale from the staff.

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