The Five Reasons Dell Beats HP in the Technology Market

I’m becoming more and more convinced that technology companies need to be led by subject matter experts.  There is a belief in the market that almost any CEO can run almost any company but my observations suggest that just isn’t so. Certainly, we saw that Louis Gerstner, who came from Nabisco, was able to keep IBM from failing but it wasn’t until Sam Palmisano, a subject matter expert, took over that the firm really started to make headway again. With Microsoft we saw Steve Ballmer, who had helped found the company but wasn’t a programmer, struggle mightily only to get kicked to the curb by Apple, which had been failing against Bill Gates, and Google which didn’t even exist when Ballmer started his run as CEO.

Last week at World 2014 it was clear that the firm has a number of advantages in their run against rivals like HP, starting with a CEO who is a subject matter expert and ending with Dell being a private company not continually distracted by “activist investors” anymore.

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