Primary Data Comes Out of Stealth and into Big MetaData

Problem: Zettabytes of Data

came out of stealth in November 2014. David Flynn, a co-founder, CTO and architect of the solution, was the CTO (later CEO) and chief architect of Fusion-io, and made major contributions to flash as an extension of DRAM technologies, before being ousted by investors wanting to cash out to SANDisk for about $1 billion.

The problem Primary Data is addressing is the exabytes of data locked up in storage arrays, cloud services, and tapes. Each storage array family & cloud service is different, with unique data services. The data itself includes all the information about the data, the metadata. Each storage array is an island, each file a rock on the island. Sure you can connect arrays together in NetApp’s ONTAP 8 storage virtualization network and move the rocks round the island; it is still an island, and the data still includes all the metadata. Sure, EMC’s ViPR allows file systems to be created across different storage arrays, but the data services are still within the storage array, and the data itself includes all the metadata.

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