The New IBM z13: The Arrival of Transactional Analytics

There are dozens upon dozens of improvements that has made to its new architecture – the . But the biggest, stand-out improvement is that the is now well suited to integrate real-time into the transactional stream.

I have been hard-pressed for years to argue that mainframe architecture is superior to other architectures (including RISC, x86 and EPIC architectures) when it came to data-intensive analytics workload processing. My primary issue started at the processor level because the z Systems processor has long been a single thread, stacked work processor design that excels at transaction processing. But I also had other concerns about the amount of available memory and cache; data compression; and system-to/from-storage latency (I/O through-put). If the System z was to become a true analytics server, improvements in each of these areas were needed.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the .

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