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We still have more than a month to go before officially splits from its PC/printer commodity-hell brother-in-law (HP Inc.), but the IBM-clone-to-be is deepening its focus on the future of IT with updated versions of HP Propel and HP Service Anywhere. The availability of the latest versions of these offerings form the basis for what we consider the new user experience for IT, said Roy Ritthaler, VP, Product Marketing, for HP’s IT Operations Management Business. The future is all about , or , “everything that the customer… the employee needs from IT in one place”, he told IT Trends & Analysis.

He thinks the updated products fundamentally change the way people interface with IT, and also combine HP’s software and other business units, especially services. “Going forwards, this becomes an essential piece of brokering of IT… cloud services… it’s fundamental to our vision”.

While Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for IT Service Support Management Tools (released August 25), relegates HP to the Niche Players category (giving bragging rights to ServiceNow and BMC Software as Leaders, and Cherwell Software as the only officially designated Challenger), a newer study (September) puts it on top of this segment. In Research in Action’s Vendor Selection Matrix – IT And Enterprise Service Management SaaS And Software: The Top 20 VendorsScope: Global 2015, HP narrowly edged out IBM, 8.55 to 8.53, and the other top scorers: CA (8.45); BMC (8.33); ManageEngine (8.33); and SAP (8.28). In total, Gartner reports there are more than 400 vendors currently offering ITSSM products, with BMC (26%) and ServiceNow (29%) accounting for the biggest shares of the market.

Gartner damns HP’s ITSSM aspirations with faint praise, noting its Strengths as brand, global reach, broad portfolio, and big data capabilities. However the GMQ’s Cautions paint a far more dismal picture:

-Gartner’s market share analysis concludes that HP’s share of the ITSSM market revenue has consistently declined each year from 2009 to 2014.

-We have seen minimal interest in (HP’s SaaS offering for intermediate ITSSM) from ITSSM tool buyers. It appeared on just 2% of Gartner client shortlists during 2014.

According to RIA, the ‘ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) champion (HP) is also the number one in IT Service Management.’ It is the number one vendor in the market, which includes more than 500 active SaaS and software vendors generating around $12 billion in annual revenue. While ITSM is a mature market, it ‘is still growing every year’, with 11 out of the top 15 investment areas part of IT Service Management, stated RIA.

Proving he’s no slouch at dishing out faint praise of his own, Ritthaler acknowledged Gartner’s many strengths but said – at least in ITSM/ITSSM – that “the way they’re looking at the market is rearview looking. What we’re looking at here is the ability to move the industry forward.” He added that Service Anywhere has had “amazing traction” [in certain segments]. “We really think Service Anywhere is that kind of product because at its core it uses Big Data in a way that nobody else does”.

“We think it’s a new way of looking at it.” HP’s dynamic duo is also a new style of software, added Ritthaler. The time to value is “almost instant.”

It’s still early days, but he said HP has the leading product in the market, with some technology that is “groundbreaking.” It’s no longer lift and shift, rip and replace, said Ritthaler. “We just think we have a lead in that.”

The future looks very bright, he said. “This is a massively growing portion of the services business.” HP’s job is to see that customers can onboard the breadth of services that they need quickly. There are a whole range of things that can be provided by this, said Ritthaler. “Our job is to get to the sweet spot.”

The Devil Is In The Details

Available now, : provides an updated unified and intuitive interface that seamlessly integrates with IT’s existing systems of record; delivers an aggregated service catalog, as well as knowledge and support capabilities to orchestrate the request to fulfillment across the global supply chain; and adds integrations with BMC Remedy, Service Now and HP Operations Orchestration to provide a single user experience and case exchange across major IT Service Management systems.

Released on August 30, the latest version of HP Service Anywhere: enables end user self-sufficiency and ticket reductions through smart analytics, social and virtual agent capabilities; and, includes updated agile IT Service Management software that is quick to deploy, easy to administer and provides seamless upgrades to reduce operational overhead and increases staff efficiency for organizations of all sizes. A free trial version is available for 30 days via registering.

Author: Steve Wexler

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