Michael Dell vs. Meg Whitman: Skills and Compensation

It comes down to a combination of and .  If you look at Dell and you suddenly see a stark contrast one company is building, has broken free from the crutch of quarterly reports, and is slated to be far more powerful than they are now in a few short months.  The other is crippled undergoing a massive separation and layoff of nearly 1/3rd of its employees (combination of latest 33K and 55K earlier layoff announcements) and the firm that Whitman and HP’s board were likely hoping would acquire one of the units, EMC, is being bought by effectivity leaving HP packaged to sell (you can certainly see why-holy crap) but without a viable buyer (well there is Oracle but Mark Hurd would likely use HP as his personal hunting ground given how the executives bad mouthed him when he left).

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