IBM and Dynamic Transformation

One of the IT industry’s most enduring qualities is its continual evolution. You see it everywhere, really, in elemental technologies, products and services, marketplace strategies, end user behavior, and customer response. But evolution isn’t evenly distributed or embraced, particularly among technology vendors. In fact, the opposite is usually the case, especially among those who have been talented and lucky enough to develop a leadership position or competitive edge.

Those kinds of vendors often attempt to bend markets to their will and force customers to consider the world through peculiarly tinted glasses. That works pretty well sometimes but not always. In the worst situations, decreasingly relevant vendors proclaim their unique value every more loudly and dissonantly. It can be both tired and tragic, a bit like watching a once respected person fall victim to self-indulgence and become an embarrassment to family and friends.

But there is an entirely opposite form of dynamic evolution among vendors that recognize market shifts and changes among their core customers, and determine not to be left behind. Those character traits were on full display las week at ’s annual analyst forum in Stamford, Connecticut.

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