IBM Finds a Suite Spot in Software-Defined Storage

The launch looks promising, but still has some distance to go. In particular, it will be critical for the company to continue improving and simplifying the Spectrum Storage user interface. That may seem easier said than done, but the company’s stated plans for sizable storage investment and the success of the revitalized Design organization offers solid reasons for hope.

Additionally, the company’s storage organization has suffered declining sales for 3+ years, due in large part to the same issues and pressures impacting the rest of the traditional storage market. Simplified product packaging and pricing obviously isn’t enough to fix such deeply ingrained, systemic issues, but the Spectrum Storage Suite is evidence of a new brand of thinking in IBM Storage.

If that’s the case and the Spectrum Storage Suite becomes simply the first or latest of a series of innovative, solutions, IBM and its storage organization should be on the road to recovery.

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