EMC World – a familiar new song (includes video)

Last week was , one of the big shows of the year. As many of you will know I prefer to let a little time pass before contributing my thoughts to the blogosphere, simply to let the Kool Aid evaporate somewhat!

Of course, it was something of a strange installment of this event — it is presumptively the last one as the Dell spaceship loomed large and ready to take the EMCers back to the [integrated] future. And yet it was still EMC World; so, while it started a bit like a great band doing a cover of a song it had to do but didn’t really know, pretty soon it settled into a familiar rhythm — bold statements, touches of humor, extensive announcements and a bunch of busy-ness happening all around…

Before I get to some specific takeaways, take a look at the On Location video that some of my colleagues and I pulled together in Vegas to give a taste of the event:
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