Why Lenovo Dominates the SAP Hana Market

It is kind of amazing how much has changed in the last 15 years or so. In 2001, I doubt most of us had even heard of the company and then they bought the IBM PC product group, along with one of the most iconic PC brands; ThinkPad. Most recently they bought IBM’s System x x86 server business, and on a call last week confirmed that sells over 50% of the solutions for SAP’s .

SAP Hana is one of the leading engines and it has been designed and tuned to run on x86 platforms. These implementations tend to be large and sell well into the enterprise space which, outside of PCs, hasn’t been a Lenovo strength historically. Consider also that IBM’s System x business was under resourced to a near starvation level and carried massive IBM overhead so it is wonder it even operated let alone came to dominate a critical market segment like SAP HANA.

I think it was the result of three things; applied stress, an unusually close relationship with SAP, and Intel.

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