Holding Out for a Hero Number

So, who needs a million IOPS? Or the ability to deploy a million containers? How about a VM with a terabyte of RAM? We are all fairly sure that very few organizations have a workload that actually needs these performance numbers. So why do vendors continue to publish ridiculous numbers? We call these . Vendors spend a lot of money getting and want people to look up to these heroes. A lot of the time we dismiss as irrelevant, but sometimes they may actually be useful.

Hero numbers are a part of marketing for every product that can be quantified. The old disinfectant killed 99% of germs. A new disinfectant has to kill 99.9%. A hero number tries to make a purchasing decision and easy. For people with only a shallow understanding of the differences between products, the hero number makes the decision easy. However, hero numbers don’t tell the whole story. Technology selection is not , and hero numbers are not all created the same: some are less trustworthy than others.

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