…IoT Innovation Meets System Thinking

The growing interest in the seems both natural and real to me. In the former case, IoT represents an evolutionary step ahead for numerous technologies, including digital sensors, wireless gateways, cellular networks and data center systems. In the latter, businesses looking for a competitive edge increasingly recognize and appreciate the potential benefits of IoT solutions.

However, I also believe there are fundamental flaws in how people perceive IoT technologies and solutions. That’s largely due to how many IoT discussions are being driven and hyped by niche technologists and specialty vendors. While it’s true that they can provide valuable contributions to eventual solutions, their products often represent “micro” portions of offerings whose true impact requires taking a broader “macro” point of view.

In fact, the most fully realized IoT visions are those that leverage “system thinking” to develop solutions with closely knitted, strategically integrated component parts and services. That’s one reason that Dell EMC’s recently announced sponsorship of is so intriguing.

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