Public Cloud Trends… shows steady cloud growth

recently released a new research report: 2017 Public Cloud Trends by

Bill Lundell, Director of Syndicated Research, and me. (Subscription login is required to read the report.)

I won’t spoil the fun by repeating everything in the report in this blog, but some observations show that public growth continues unabated.

Over a third of the respondents state they have a cloud-first policy—where a new app is deployed using public cloud services unless someone makes a compelling case to deploy it using on-premises resources. A cloud-first policy is most prevalent in younger companies (age of org, not employees).

On top of that, the SaaS usage trend continues its uptick, and more than 20% of the apps are deployed as SaaS by 62% of the respondents. This is an increase from 38% in 2013.

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