Jaguar, the Hyperconverged Company and…

At last week, one of the most interesting conversations I had was with ’s CIO, Simon Bolton, who is driving what has been an incredibly successful IT effort at . In the company’s new “Green Field” plants, Bolton championed what used to be called Dell’s VCE platform with nearly unbelievable result in terms of productivity and uptime.

This was fascinating to me for several reasons; 1) it was a showcase for the power of the concept, 2) I own two Jaguars, and, 3) I’ve been trying (so far unsuccessfully) to order the new Jaguar iPace. Oh, and, 4) when I was younger, for a time, I was a Jaguar mechanic.

So, this was a chance to blend my car hobby with my passion for the concept of how to do IT successfully. But I also came around to the idea of IT Entropy because, during the event, I found out there were some unhappy Dell Hyperconverged customers and the cause was something I’m calling IT Entropy, which will likely hurt Jaguar’s effort to convert old plants to this new concept.

Let me explain.

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