Dell’s IQT – A New Work State of Mind?

hosted at least 3 varied events (that I know of) in New York last week. In terms of the future, the most important was its “”…IQT is the acronym-progeny of and (“” as Dell expands it). You know that something matters when it is launched with both a new term and a new acronym.

Dell was putting a stake in the ground (and a new internal organization, and indeed a decent amount of launch marketing dollars) behind the notion that the next wave of IT is really all about the intelligent integration – and optimized ‘farming’ – of edge and cloud. The pun in the title of this blog therefore refers to the attitude of not only Dell, but also the organizations it seeks to serve.

Take a look at this video here, where I capture some more thoughts about the IQT Day, as well as (with my colleague Jason Buffington) some comments from the Analyst Summit that followed.      

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