…Will Dell Become The New Enterprise Superpower?

just had a lot of analysts and reporters to their event in New York ( is a reference to making this incredibly broad concept smart, thus ). This is Digital Convergence on steroids, and the solution is potentially to take a company based on technology of last century and turn them into a company based on technology that most firms won’t be able to pivot to until the 2030s building what likely will become the standard for much of this century. On paper, this is one of the most powerful pivots I’ve ever seen in a company and it likely wouldn’t be possible if the firm weren’t huge, led by Michael Dell, and private.

This is because it requires someone with vision to make the pivot and companies that are public are simply too tactical to take the risk of a broad move into an emerging market like this. But I’ve seen two other big pivots over the years, well three if you include EMC’s VCE, and two were successful, at least initially, and one failed badly. The failure was while I was at IBM early in my career and it reminded me that good on paper doesn’t always mean good in fact.

Let’s talk about all 4 pivots.

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